Wu Fei on Rolling Stone again and Wall Street Journal 2018

At the Big Ears Festival in late March 2018, The Rolling Stone Magazine reviewed Wu Fei for the  second year in a row among its top picks of the entire festival that hosted more than a hundred performances from all over the world.  WSJ also reviewed Fei's performance from this year's Big Ears Festival with her improv group playing her Tea Garden Ceremony improv piece.  

1. Wu Fei's performance, was once again picked as 10 Best Things We Saw in Big Ears Festival 2018 by The Rolling Stone Magazine

2. Big Ears 2018 on WSJ "Wu Fei, master of the guzheng, a Chinese zither, jammed with jazz musicians" 

Fei & Abby at Big Ears 2018 Bijou Theatre.png
Wu Fei & friends jazz group .JPG